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Over 100 years of Italian fashion and tanning tradition are combined to produce this unique combination of leather and modern surface effects in bicolorism, transparency, and decorative elegance. Our exclusive FIBERCUIR® finishing process preserves the naturalness of the leather, yet transforms it into unique and distinctive fashion evolutions. Additional benefits are evident in superior strength and technical specifications.

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Processing and Finishing

Tanning and dyeing processes are formulated using the latest technology standards for high quality leather. Produced under the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Production Certifications. Natural color variations may occur even within the same dye lot.

Technical Specifications

Raw Material Planet/Merinos Pearl: European avg. hide size 29 sq. ft.
Raw Material Galaxy: European avg. hide size 18 sq. ft.
Thickness: 1.1 to 1.2 mm
Wet Rub Test: (250 Cycles) IUF 250 / UNI EN ISO 11640: > 4/5 grey scale
Dry Rub Test: (400 Cycles) IUF 400 / UNI EN ISO 11640: > 4/5 grey scale
Abrasion: (ASTM D 3884-01 –CS10): 3000 CYCLES
Flame Resistance: UFAC1. California 117
Origin: Biella, Italy

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