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As the president and founding partner of Green Hides, Simone Lagnerini wants to wow clients with each leather he adds to the line. Born in the beautiful Veneto region of Italy, known to produce 80% of the world's leather at the time, Simone moved to the United States in 2003 intent on bringing Italian quality to the American market. He opened a warehouse in Greensboro, N.C., and he now curates Green Hides' collection of over 30 articles in over 500 colors, relying on a lifetime immersed in fashion and leather to keep Green Hides fresh, unique and on the cutting edge.

From the start, Green Hides did things differently. The tannery where Green Hides designs and creates their leathers shares ownership of the company, which eliminates the frustration of long lead times, high minimums and language barriers for clients. Partnering with such a tight-knit team of craftsmen also ensures continuity. Beyond promising Italian-made leathers from European raw materials, Green Hides can provide consistent coloring and finishing across the line in their ISO 9001 quality-certified facility.

To match the quality and service of Green Hides' Italian partner tannery here in the United States, Green Hides brought in a third partner, Vice President Keith Hill, who met Simone over espresso at a trade show. Like Simone, Keith had built his own international leather trading company before coming to Green Hides, and he quickly became one of Simone's top clients. A veteran of the contract and aviation side of the industry, and a native North Carolinian, Keith brought a missing dynamic to the Green Hides leadership team. He signed on in 2009 to what has become a unique collaboration, true lightning in a bottle.

Together Keith and Simone have made it their mission to take a fresh approach to the contract, hospitality, aviation and A&D markets with innovative, fashion-forward leathers. Now, in addition to beautiful classics like wax crackle Pista and full grain Lena, Green Hides develops stunning, original leathers like perforated hair on hide Juliette and decorative wovens. The company has grown too, doubling their staff and doubling the size of their warehouse with the move to their current location in 2010.

A second component of Green Hides' mission, equally important, addresses sustainability. Green Hides believes that, as the fabric of nature, leather should exist in complete harmony with and respect for the earth and its natural eco-systems. This philosophy underlies Green Hides' corporate culture, showing up everywhere from conversations on social media to sample production. In 2009, Green Hides' Italian tannery installed solar panels to power their facility; they use closed loop, low emission processes and water-based finishes, have elaborate recycling and water purifications systems in place and have achieved ISO 14001 environmental certification. Further, in direct collaboration with their partners in Italy, Green Hides developed a new product, EcoLifeTM, one of the few truly ecologically friendly leathers in the world.

Green Hides strives to be a true partner to the design industry. Beyond their mission to bring a refreshing style and sustainability focus to the world of leather, Green Hides invests in trade shows, even opening a permanent showroom in the Merchandise Mart in Chicago in 2007, to demonstrate their commitment to interacting with and serving the A&D community. With customer satisfaction the highest priority, Simone and Keith remain committed to providing the highest quality leathers and the highest level of service for clients in the Green Hides family.

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