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Concrete is wild and natural leather with a vintage appearance. A manifesto of natural leather that is unrefined, naked and unapologetic on the surface. As it matures a patina will develop exhibiting the lifestyle and character of its owner.

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Processing and Finishing

Concrete is processed using low emission mineral tanning formulas which are environmentally respectful. The hides are retanned in aged oak drums using vegetable agents, natural fat liquors and oils along with dyes that ensure the leather is properly through dyed. Complies with the strict regulations of the EU environmental normative CE2000/53. Natural color variations may occur even within the same dye lot.

Concrete Technical Specifications

Application: Contract, Hospitality, Residential
Raw Material: New Zealand
Hide Size Average hide size 45 sq ft
Thickness 0.9 to 1.0 mm
Wet Rub Test: IUF 450/UNI EN ISO 11640: > 4 grey scale
Dry Rub Test: IUF 450/UNI EN ISO 11640: > 4 grey scale
Alkaline ph 8: IUF 450/UNI EN ISO 11640: > 4 grey scale
Flexing Endurance: IUP 20: N/A
Tear Strength: IUP 40: >20 N
Light Resistance: IUF 402: 3 blue scale.
Flammability Resistance: UFAC II, California TB 117-2013, NFPA 260 Class II.
Origin: Italy

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