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Green Hides' collection of hair on hides fuses technology and tradition. Sophisticated techniques from laser etching to metallic finishing balance Old World materials with the New. The results - high design, high fashion statement pieces - introduce striking new possibilities for upholstery, wall coverings and rugs. With arresting color options, naturally dyed in the drum, Green Hides hair on hides make stunning accents for living rooms, lounges or trend-setting professional offices. Created in Italy, sustainably produced, and designed to anticipate the needs of the global hospitality, corporate and luxury residential markets, these one-of-a-kind, textural leathers are on the cutting edge of the Green Hides line.






Technical Specifications

Raw Material: European
Hide  size: Full hide aprox 50 to 55 sqft. Except Mosiac which are 25 sqft.
Thickness::  .1.4 -1.6 mm
Flammability Resistance:Natural flame resistance.
Origin: Vicenza, Italy

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