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Old World and Modernists fusion create a superior collection of pure and natural aniline dyed hair on hides with a laser mosaic tile inspired design. Produced in Italy utilizing hand selected European hides the collection offers endless design opportunities for upholstery, rugs, wall coverings and other accents.

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Processing and Finishing

Tanning and dyeing processes are formulated using the latest technology standards for high quality leather. Complies with the strict regulations and EU Directives covering the use and presence of PCP, Chromo (VI) and Azo dyestuffs.

Technical Specifications

Raw Material: European and Exotic.
Hide size: Available in half hides 25 sqft.
Thickness: .1.4 -1.6 mm
Flammability Resistance: Natural flame resistance. NFPA 260.
Origin: Vicenza, Italy

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