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Green Hides believes that all leather, as the fabric of nature, should exist in complete harmony with and respect for the earth and its natural eco-systems. Yet EcoLife™, developed specifically by Green Hides, raises that standard. The collection meets ambitious goals for, for example, chrome-free tanning, solvent-free finishing - and even avoids salt treatments and conserves water by using the freshest hides. One of the few truly environmentally friendly leathers in the world, EcoLife also outperforms the competition, meeting the highest technical specifications in fashion-forward, hospitality colors. With EcoLife, true life cycle design lasts a lifetime.


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Processing and Finishing

Ecolife™ is produced using the most advanced environmentally friendly techniques available in leather production today. Natural Vegetable tanning recipes combined with other water based ecological friendly materials are used in the production of Ecolife. Two water treatment units come into play to ensure utmost respect to our ecosystem. No PCP or CFC is used during the tanning process. Produced under the European environmental normative CE2000/53.

Ecolife™ Technical Specifications

Raw Material: South German
Thickness: .09 to 1.0 mm
Flame Resistance: UFAC 1. California 117.
Abrasion: (ASTM D 3884-92) 500 gram load: 1000 cycles
Origin: Vicenza, Italy

The Ecolife™ Story

Green Hides commitment is that leather, a product and fabric of nature, should be produced in complete harmony and respect to the earth and its natural eco-system.

Green Hides, LLC was established in 2003, with the corporate commitment to only source leathers from tanneries based in Italy that produce under strict low emission mineral tanning procedures combined with elaborate recycling and water purification systems in place. In addition, all of our leathers are produced under the stringent environmental standards of the EU.

Over the past several years, Green Hides has been developing a remarkable leather with the goal of having no or minimal impact to our eco-system. To help us to achieve this ambitious goal, Green Hides partnered with Pasubio, a state-of-the-art Italian tannery that is specialized in the production of ecological leathers for very famous high-end European automotive companies. Pasubio will be awarded the ISO 14001 environmental certification this year to further confirm their commitment to nature.

After years of development, Green Hides is proud to introduce our Ecolife™ collection, the next generation of eco-leather. It is chrome free tanned, vegetable re-tanned, and features water based finishing (no solvents). Further measures are taken by using fresh hides sealed in refrigerated containers that arrive weekly to our tannery in order to avoid using salt to treat the hides for storage. Thus water conservation is observed from the very beginning. Ecolife™ is currently produced under the European environmental normative CE2000/53.

Ecolife™ is not only a friend to nature, but in many cases exceeds the technical specifications of chromium leathers. In fact, our studies show there is more formaldehyde in an apple than in one of our Ecolife™ hides. This leather is also produced in compliance with the new ACT environmental textile standards.

Ecolife™ is also a green leather in the fact that it is truly a "leave no trace" product. There are other lower cost vegetable retanned leathers in the market but they cannot meet the same technical specifications and cannot meet the high environmental standards set for Ecolife™. Because of Green Hides unwavering commitment to produce an environmentally friendly product, Ecolife™ is one of the few truly ecologic leathers available in the world.

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