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Inspired by the latest fashion trends, Hypnotic is velvety Italian suede leather, fused with an exclusive metallic application. This unique and charming effect combines the old-world tradition of Verde Valley tanneries with contemporary exoticism through the special lizard skin pattern. Hypnotic is available in ten colors with a variety of applications featuring silver, gold, bronze, and platinum. ItÂ’s a hi-tech fusion of the classic and the contemporary resulting in elite refinement with cool sophistication. This leather is suitable for hospitality, contract and residential applications.

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Processing and Finishing

Tanning and dyeing processes are formulated using the latest technology standards for high quality leather. Produced under the UNI EN ISO 141001:2004 Environmental Production Certifications. Natural color variations may occur even within the same dye lot. EFFC 3 leaf level certification.

Technical Specifications

Raw Material: European avg hide size 18 sqft
Thickness: 1.1 to 1.2 mm
Abrasion: (ASTM D 3884-01-CS10): 3000 cycles
Flammability Resistance: UFAC 1. California 117, NFPA 260
Origin: Vicenza, Italy

Complies with the strict regulations and EU Directives covering the use and presence of PCP, CFC, Chromo VI and Azo dyestuffs.

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