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Raising the bar once more on what's possible in fashion design inspired hair on hides Green Hides introduces Metallic Flower. An intricate applied metallic floral pattern is combined with tipped highlights on dyed hair to create an attention arresting effect. Produced in Italy, these hand selected full grain hides are naturally dyed in the drum. A fusion of technology and tradition add the metallic pattern and the tipping. With four available color/metallic combinations available metallic flower offers a myriad of creative opportunities for upholstery, wall coverings and accents.

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Processing and Finishing

Tanning and dyeing processes are formulated using the latest technology standards for high quality leather.

Technical Specifications

Raw Material: European avg hide size 18 sqft
Thickness: 1.1 to 1.2 mm
Abrasion: (ASTM D 3884-01-CS10): 3000 cycles
Flammability Resistance: UFAC 1. California 117, NFPA 260
Origin: Vicenza, Italy

Complies with the strict regulations and EU Directives covering the use and presence of PCP, CFC, Chromo VI and Azo dyestuffs.

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