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Vulcano combines distressed leather aesthetics with the durability of modern tanning. Hand selected European and New Zealand hides are aniline dyed with a classic marbled crackle effect. A protective non-scratch finish allows use in high traffic areas and, makes Vulcano suitable for public and private environments.

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Processing and Finishing

Vulcano is processed using low emission mineral tanning formulas which are environmentally friendly. The hides are retanned in aged oak drums using vegetable agents, natural fat liquors and oils along with dyes that ensure the leather is properly through dyed. Complies with the strict regulations of the EU environmental normative CE2000/53. Waterbased finishes are applied to provide an even coloration and protection to the leather.

Technical Specifications

Raw Material: European or New Zealand, Avg. size 48 sqft.
Thickness: 09-1.0 mm
Flame Resistance: UFAC 1. California 117, NFPA 260.
Color fastness to rubbing:
Nr. 500 dry rubs: IUF 450 / UNI EN ISO 11640: ≥ 4 grey scale
Nr. 150 wet rubs: IUF 450 / UNI EN ISO 11640: ≥ 4 grey scale
Nr. 80 alkaline ph 8: IUF 450 / UNI EN ISO 11640: ≥ 4 grey scale
Flexing endurance: IUP 20/UNI EN ISO 5402: ≥ 30.000
Tear strength: IUP 40/UNI EN ISO 3377-1: ≥ 20 N
Adhesion: IUF 470/UNI EN ISO 11644: ≥ 3.50 N/cm
Light resistance (xenon test): IUF 402/ UNI EN ISO 105-B02: 5 blue scale
Origin: Vicenza, Italy

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