Natura – Light Brown


Natura is a refined and stunning collection of exotic natural hair on hide colorations celebrating the character of the various regions and breeds unique to each area. Natural beauty is found in the organic irregularities and variations from hide to hide ranging from hair length, color, cowlicks, fat wrinkles and other signifiers. These natural traits are inherent to this product and are not considered to be defects or flaws. No two hides will ever be the same.

The collection offers endless design opportunities for upholstery, rugs, wallcoverings and other accents.

Natura: Light Brown
  • Natura Alpin
  • Natura Black And White Cloudy
  • Natura Black And White Salt And Pepper
  • Natura Blonde Brindle
  • Natura Brown And White Cloudy
  • Natura Brown And White Salt And Pepper
  • Natura Champagne
  • Natura Chocolate And White Cloudy
  • Natura Dark Brindle
  • Natura Light Brown
  • Natura Medium Brindle
  • Natura Medium Grey
  • Natura Red Brindle With White Flanks
  • Natura Solid Black
  • Natura Tan
  • Natura Tricolor Columbian
  • Natura Watussi
  • Natura Fawn
  • 7 75x11 Natura Web Image




Collection of Natural Hair on Hide Colorations

Applications: Contract, Hospitality, Residential
Raw Material: Exotic
Hide Size: Average 45 — 50 sqft
Hair Length: May vary due to the seasonal coat. Dictated upon current hide availability.
Thickness: 1.4 — 1.6 mm
Flammability Resistance: Natural flame resistance, NFPA 260
ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001:2004