Zodiac – 7175M Lunar


Over 100 years of Italian fashion and tanning tradition are combined to produce this unique combination of leather and modern surface effects in bicolorism, transparency and decorative elegance reflected in the its patent leather appearance. Our exclusive FIBERCUIR® finishing process preserves the naturalness of the leather yet transforms it into unique and distinctive fashion evolutions. Additional benefits are evident in its superior strength, technical specifications and suitability for high traffic environments.

Zodiac: 7175M Lunar
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  • Zodiac 7132M Umbra
  • Zodiac 7175M Lunar
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REACH (EC 1907/2006) compliant production aims to improve the protection of human and environmental health. Processed using low emission mineral tanning formulas which are environmentally respectful, the hides are retanned in aged oak drums using vegetable agents, natural fat liquors, oils and dyes that ensure the leather is properly through dyed. Natural color variations may occur even within the same dye lot.

Applications:Contract, Hospitality, Residential
Raw Material:European
Hide Size:Average 22 sqft
Thickness:1.1 — 1.2 mm
Wet Rub Test: (Nr 250): UNI EN ISO 11640: ≥ 3/4 grey scale
Dry Rub Test: (Nr 500): UNI EN ISO 11640: ≥ 4 grey scale
Abrasion: Wyzenbeck (ASTM D 4157): 100,000 rubs
Tear Strength: UNI EN ISO 3377-I: ≥ 20 N
Flexing Endurance: UNI EN ISO 5402: ≥ 50,000
Water Repellency: AATCC 22-2010: 95
Adhesion: UNI EN ISO 11644: ≥ 2 N/10 mm
Light Resistance (Xenon Test): UNI EN ISO 105-B02: ≥ 5 blue scale
Flammability Resistance: UFAC Class 1, CAL TB 117-2013, NFPA 260
Soil/Stain Release: AATCC 130-2015: Grade 5 represents best stain removal (immediate). Nail polish remover (5), Betadine (5), Bleach (5), Urine (5), Blood (5). Fluid Resistance: Red wine (5), Beer (5), Whiskey (4.5), Cola (5), Coffee (4.5), Red Bull (5) Mayonnaise (5),Olive Oil (5), Catsup (5), Vegetable oil (5), Chocolate (melted) (5), Lipstick (3.5), Lysol (5), Formula 409 (5), Windex (5). Test procedure modified to clean stains with 1 part household bleach/10 parts water solution.
ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001:2004