Cavalier – White


Old World and Modernists fusion create a superior collection of pure and natural aniline dyed European hair on hides. Produced exclusively in Italy, this collection offers endless design opportunities for upholstery, rugs, wall coverings and other accents.

Natural beauty is found in this leather's organic irregularities and variations from hide to hide ranging from hair length, color, cowlicks, fat wrinkles and other natural signifiers of superior quality. These natural traits are inherent to this product and are not considered to be defects or flaws. No two hides will ever be the same.

Cavalier: White *
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  • Cavalier Giallo
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  • Cavalier Limone
  • Cavalier Coral
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White is the only color that cannot be dyed therefore it is available only in a natural coloration that will be off white.




Exclusive European Collection of Hair on Hides.

Tanning and dyeing processes are formulated using the latest technology standards for high quality leather. Complies with the strict regulations of the EU environmental normative CE2000/53.

Applications: Contract, Hospitality, Residential
Raw Material: Premier European Hides
Hide Size: Full hide average size aprox 50 sqft (1/2 hides 25 sqft)
Hair Length: May vary due to size of hide (1/2 hides are shaved) or in the case of full hides the length may vary due to the seasonal coat. Hair length is dictated upon current hide availability
Thickness: 1.4 — 1.6 mm
Flammability Resistance: Natural flame resistance. NFPA 260
Origin: Italy